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Billie Eilish and Cillian Murphy Lookalike but They’re Not Related [Upated! 2022-2023]

Billie Eilish and Cillian Murphy Lookalike but They’re Not Related,

There is little question that Cillian Murphy is at present one of many trending intercourse symbols with regards to TV exhibits.

As if the deep blue eyes, impeccable model, and edgy haircut aren’t sufficient, his cool manner and devil-may-care persona make Tommy Shelby much more engaging to viewers. 

We can say that he’s the “men want to be him and women want to be with him” sort of man.

However, it appears that there’s just one person who comes near Cillian within the appears to be like division, and that’s the truth is a girl.


Cillian Murphy Lived with Gypsies to Prepare for the Role of Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders

We are speaking in regards to the famous person singer and songwriter Billie Eilish. 

After Billie determined to dye her hair blonde, followers drew some critical comparisons to the main actor of the favored present “Peaky Blinders”. 

With pale blue eyes, plump lips, and particular facial options, each Billie and Cillian appear to have scientifically excellent faces.

We use the phrase scientifically as a result of analysis has really proven that blue eyes appear to be probably the most engaging eye color to each males and ladies.

Just like Billie’s tune “Ocean Eyes”. 

The excessive cheekbones are one other characteristic. When ladies have excessive cheekbones, it’s an indication of sexual matureness, whereas within the case of males (resembling Cillian); excessive cheekbones have traditionally been seen as an indication of energy and toughness.

According to a examine completed in 2014, excessive cheekbones have been linked to reliability and truthfulness as effectively. 

The plumper lips that each the actor and singer have been scientifically confirmed to be related to a way of youth, good well being, and liveliness.

As years go by and we become old our lips get thinner, and in case of sure sicknesses, they will additionally turn into dry and discoloured. 

The sturdy and particular jaw is one other apparent characteristic of Tommy Shelby.

In Ancient Greece, the entire gods and goddesses have been made to have sculpted jawlines as a result of it made them extraordinarily engaging; this development appears to have held up for greater than 10 centuries.

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The sturdy jawline Cillian has is confirmed by research to be linked to excessive ranges of testosterone, whereas in ladies it’s linked to energy and sexuality. 

Throughout historical past, Renaissance artists have used a technique referred to as “the golden ratio” to find out facial perfection.

The facial proportion is the characteristic that followers discover probably the most comparable in Cillian and Billie, and each of them appear to have an ideal face construction in response to the “golden ratio”.

A well-known beauty surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva commented on the similarity between Cillian and Billie’s faces.

He stated, “Since each Billie and Cillian have face proportions that quantify as objectively lovely utilizing the golden ratio, it’s not very stunning that they appear alike in some ways.

Their symmetry and alignment of facial options are very comparable, and the identical eye color and plump limps are simply extra resemblances.”

This is definitely a reasonably widespread incidence in Hollywood that two well-known artists appear to share an unbelievable resemblance.

We have analysed the science behind their faces and in contrast totally different photos and memes of Billie and Cillian, and there isn’t a doubt that these two appear to be they’ve been separated at delivery.

However, Cillian Murphy and Billie Eilish aren’t associated in any manner.

There isn’t any household historical past of their bios that’s interlinked and neither of the 2 has ever made any statements that will reveal any kind of household relation.