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Cristiano Ronaldo Replaces Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the Highest Paid Celebrity on Instagram [Upated! 2022-2023]

Cristiano Ronaldo Replaces Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the Highest Paid Celebrity on Instagram,

The fight for the most generously compensated superstar on Instagram is one that goes on forever.

As devotees go back and forth it changes the measure of cash these big names charge a supported post on their profiles.

For nearly 12 months, the in front of the rest of the competition has been held by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, however not anymore. 

The man who had his spot is one of the most well known football players ever and apparently one of the best, Cristiano Ronaldo.

As of 2021, Ronaldo is assessed to acquire the most cash per supported post on Instagram.

Ronaldo, who as of now has an astounding 366 million supporters on Instagram, can charge $1.6 million for only one post on his profile, reported the organization “Hopper HQ”, renowned for their dealings with advertising on web-based entertainment organizations.

Dwayne Johnson, with an incredible 278 million supporters can charge around $1.52 million for every post. 

The third spot on this rundown is taken by the renowned vocalist Ariana Grande who has 276 million adherents, simply 2 million short to outperform The Rock.

Grande charges $1,510,000 for supported content. The fourth second place is Kylie Jenner with a compensation of $1,494,000.

Kylie Jenner was in front of Dwayne Johnson in 2020 however has tumbled down in the list right away afterwards. 

After Kylie Jenner is Selena Gomez, she procures around $1,468,000 per post, while the 6th spot is taken by Kim Kardashian, with a compensation of $1,419,000 dollars.

The reality star has 263 million devotees on Instagram.

Seems like the Kardashian sisters can “make it through” the month simply by posting stories on their online entertainment networks. 

The seventh spot on the list has a place with one of (*’s) Cristiano Ronaldo in “rivals” GOAT banter, the. Lionel Messi acquires $1,169,000 per post. Messi eight is

The hotshot artist the, who is trailed by 218 million individuals and acquires around $1,147,000 dollars. Beyonce behind her are

Just, with $1,112,000 but then another Justin Bieber, Kardashian, who procures $1,053,000. Kendall, you shouldn’t underestimate these numbers. BBC detailed that these numbers are research-related approximations.

However such, there aren’t actually ways of figuring out who is

As most generously compensated the big name in light of the fact that Instagram measure of cash they charge per post isn’t by and large straightforward data. the, various brands, and showcasing organizations expressed.

“The costs per post and ranking were made based on what social media “influencers”, we utilize openly accessible estimating data to compute how much cash would a record be able to charge,” a report said.


“However, there is no solid way to figure it out since most marketers tend to be secretive about this information, as well as the possibilities that the posts are part of some sort of a larger deal.”