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Is John W Creasy a Real Person? [Upated! 2022-2023]

Is John W Creasy a Real Person?,

John Creasy is a character within the film Man on Fire.

He is performed by Denzel Washington within the film, however is he primarily based on a actual individual?

Some individuals have speculated that John Creasy could be an amalgamation of two totally different individuals.

One is Frank Horrigan from the e book “The President’s Club” and Howard E. Wasdin who retired as a Navy SEAL Commander after serving with distinction for 23 years.

But which is which? Find out extra on this put up.

The movie hit the screens on September 12, 2004. The director of the film is Tony Scott.

It stars Denzel Washington, Christopher Walken, and Dakota Fanning, amongst others.

John Creasy

The protagonist within the movie Man on Fire is John Creasy (Denzel Washington).

He was beforehand a CIA agent however has since retired from his job.

He had suffered an emotional breakdown brought on by a private tragedy for which he blames himself.

Later, Pita Ramos’ father affords him cash to bodyguard her whereas she goes round Mexico City with him, he accepts.

This is regardless of being emotionally damaged inside.

As occasions unfold throughout their time collectively, we start seeing glimpses of who did what earlier than changing into a hermit at coronary heart by way of flashbacks interspersed all through the principle storyline that unfolds.

Man on Fire – Frank Horrigan

The e book “The President’s Club” is the idea for the movie Man on Fire.

In this story, John Creasy suffers from a private tragedy that renders him emotionally weak.

He later lives in Mexico City and will get concerned with Pita Ramos, who terrorists have kidnaped after she witnesses them killing her father.

The kidnappers have given an ultimatum to launch a few of their males in alternate for releasing Pita.

But it turns into clear that they aren’t going to stick to those calls for. Carl Strickland, a former CIA agent, approaches his outdated buddy Frank Horrigan to rescue her.

He is cautious as he is aware of how a lot effort was wanted to find him.

And thus begins an emotional journey of rescuing the lady that’s fairly cathartic for Creasy. John slowly begins to get better from his private tragedy.

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Man on Fire – Howard Wasdin

Howard E. Wasdin’s story unfolds in a comparable method.

He additionally goes by an emotionally making an attempt interval after realizing some issues about himself and what led as much as it throughout his time as a Navy SEAL serving at Mogadishu, Somalia (Black Hawk Down incident).

This leads him down the trail of alcoholism.

Later, he earns an honorable discharge from service with PTSD or Post-traumatic stress dysfunction.

His situation consists of suicidal ideas. He then decides to alter his life round by quitting ingesting chilly turkey when he wakes up with the urge to get a glass of whiskey sooner or later.

He then decides that there’s something severely fallacious and will get assist from his spouse. She encourages him to see a psychiatrist the place he begins on treatment for PTSD, amongst different issues.

Howard E. Wasdin

In actual life, Frank Horrigan was primarily based on Howard E. Wasdin, whereas John Creasy was loosely primarily based on each males.

However, Creasy primarily drew inspiration from Howard E. Wasdin. Many individuals have speculated this over time since they each appear comparable in some ways, in addition to their navy background.

Is John W Creasy a Real Person?

Yes. John W Creasy is a fusion of two individuals, each operatives within the CIA and the navy.

He was a mixture of each males, whereas the character in Man on Fire relies totally on Howard E. Wasdin. You can see this by flashbacks and his time recovering from PTSD.

There can be some affect by Frank Horrigan who additionally helps rescue Pita together with him.

Horrigan helps since they’re outdated buddies, having beforehand served at Mogadishu, Somalia, throughout the Black Hawk Down incident.

This incident is the place Horrigan misplaced most of his males to accidents or dying.

This occasion traumatized him deeply.

But this doesn’t cease them from being buddies in any case these years regardless of what occurred there.

Indeed, the incident had prompted so many casualties amongst their workforce members again then.

He later will get concerned when Carl Strickland approaches him about rescuing Pita.