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Is Kaitlin Olson related to Mary-Kate and Ashley? [Upated! 2022-2023]

Is Kaitlin Olson related to Mary-Kate and Ashley?,

The Olsen twins have a sister and it’s not who you anticipate her to be. 

The well-known twins have been solely 9 months outdated once they took on the function of Michelle Tanner, the daughter of a widowed single dad in Full House, a well-liked sitcom of the late 80s and the early 90s.

The former youngster actresses starred in quite a few TV and film initiatives up till their teenage years.

In 2006 they endeavored within the vogue business by launching their model The Row.

This turned out to be a really profitable and profitable enterprise for the twins. Their most up-to-date label, Elizabeth & James was named after their siblings.

The rumor that the Olsen twins have a well-known sister is true. Elizabeth Olsen, the WandaImaginative and prescient star is the youngest Olsen sister.

Although she had appeared in motion pictures reminiscent of Silent House and Godzilla beforehand, she stayed below the radar till the start of 2021 when she performed Wanda Maximoff, the lead function in Marvel’s miniseries.

The undeniable fact that she has been hiding from the general public eye for therefore lengthy got here as an actual shock to everybody, particularly the Olsen twins’ followers.

The individuals couldn’t assist however ponder whether there was one more Olsen sister hiding on the large display.

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Kaitlin Olson, an actress and a comic finest recognized for enjoying Deandra Reynolds on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia can be rumored to be related to the Olsen sisters.

She had solely minor TV sequence roles earlier than touchdown the function of ‘Sweet Dee’ in 2005.

The Fox comedy sequence introduced her not solely fame, but in addition the love of her life. She has been fortunately married since 2008 to Rob McElhenney who portrayed Ronald ‘Mac’ Macdonald.

Not solely does Kaitlin Olson share the great appears to be like, blond hair and expertise with the Olsen sisters, however she additionally shares a really related final identify. 

Namely, Kaitlin’s surname, Olson, is of Scandinavian-Swedish origin which means ‘son of Olaf’. Olsen, which is Mary-Kate and Ashley’s surname is the Norwegian model of the identical final identify.

Moreover, Danish and Norwegian immigrants typically modified the spelling to Olson to make it simpler to spell in English-speaking international locations.

The identical origin of their final identify nevertheless doesn’t show within the slightest that they’re siblings or kin.

It solely leaves room for the faint chance that hundreds of years in the past they shared a distant Scandinavian cousin.

To high all of it off, Kaitlin Olson was born in 1975 in Portland, Oregon in a middle-class working household.

This makes her 11 years older than Mary-Kate and Ashley who have been born in 1986 in Sherman Oaks, California. Kaitlin can be the one youngster in her household, in contrast to the Olsens who’ve 3 different siblings.

Therefore, Kaitlin is neither their sister, nor related in any means to the Olsen twins.

It actually appears that the general public can by no means get sufficient of the Olsen sisters and is in fixed search of recent gossip related to them.

We have to admit that even the slight chance of there being one other Olsen sister out there’s fairly thrilling.

The solely passable closure we’ll ever get from this subject is that Mary-Kate and Ashley do have one well-known child sister; nevertheless, she shouldn’t be Kaitlin Olsen.