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Keanu Reeves Gave Rolexes as a Gift to the ‘John Wick’ 4 Stunt Team [Upated! 2022-2023]

Keanu Reeves Gave Rolexes as a Gift to the ‘John Wick’ 4 Stunt Team,

New photographs from the set of the fourth piece of the film “John Wick” have spilled to the public, while recording go on in Paris.

The shooting of the hotly anticipated continuation to one of the best activity movies of this decade started in Berlin. Production has been deferred as of not long ago due to an outbreak.

In the new photographs, Reeves is sitting at a table or comfortable strolling around the set while pausing to do a scene, and he has revealed how old that he might have been can do nothing to him, since he is maturing like a fine wine.

Reeves gave the Rolexes as a gift to the stunt group, and as in the event that that wasn’t sufficient – the entertainer engraved a customized message, to ensure they will always remember their time together making the film, sources said.

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