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Old Grannies TikTok Meme Explained [Upated! 2022-2023]

Old Grannies TikTok Meme Explained,

Trends on TikTok go viral extraordinarily quick.

All it takes is one widespread TikTok star to publish one thing fascinating and shortly your feed will probably be overwhelmed with the identical publish.

Accounts copy each other, and earlier than it the entire world is knowledgeable on the development.

One of the present widespread developments amongst TikTok customers is the previous granny meme. If you utilize TikTok, likelihood is you’ve seen this sort of publish at the very least as soon as up to now few days. 

While grandparents could be an lovely and humorous bunch, this development isn’t actually about them (regardless of the identify of the development).

The previous grannie development is definitely a bit disturbing and stunning for many viewers. 

The development goes like this; a preferred TikToker posts a video telling their followers NOT to seek for previous grannies on Google and go to photos.

They even give a second warning as nicely. Of course, the followers don’t pay attention and seek for it in any case. It’s secure to say they’re shocked by what they see. We’ll clarify why in a minute. 

The development additionally appears to have gone viral on different social media platforms corresponding to Twitter and Facebook. On Twitter, we are able to see customers publish posts corresponding to, “PLEASE, DO NOT GO TO GOOGLE AND SEARCH FOR OLD GRANNIES. AND DEFINITELY DO NOT GO TO IMAGES. Damn, you really fooled me this time TikTok.”

Another Twit mentioned, “I just got word on this new TikTok trend telling everyone not to search for old grannie images on Google. What’s up with this?”

So, what does truly occur when you go to photographs after Googling previous grannies? Unfortunately, you received’t discover any cute or humorous movies of somebody’s grandparents doing one thing humorous.

The search truly results in 1000’s of specific photographs that includes, nicely, previous grannies. These aren’t any “soft” photos both; it’s some severe X-rated stuff you will see. 

Why do folks Google this even after they’re warned to not? Well, the reply in all probability lies inside human nature. It’s our pure response to do one thing after we have been warned to not.

Our mind turns into intrigued and simply has to see what’s going to occur as soon as we do it. You in all probability received’t discover any fascinating photographs after Googling previous grannies, however you in all probability could have an excellent giggle about it.

Hell, you would possibly even suggest a few of your mates NOT to Google it. 

There are some viewers which are utterly horrified with this development and complain in regards to the those that begin these sorts of developments within the first place. However, though the photographs received’t be very nice, there isn’t actually any hurt completed to anybody concerned.

Plus, you’ve been warned to not Google it, so why do it if you will criticize it later. Its inventive initiatives like this that make the world of social media go spherical, and so long as these developments don’t hurt anybody, why not share fun. 

They say that curiosity killed a cat. Well, on this case, curiosity truly led to bare previous grannie photographs.