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Teresa Fidalgo: Who Is She, Is She Even Real? Story Debunked [Upated! 2022-2023]

Teresa Fidalgo: Who Is She, Is She Even Real? Story Debunked,

Some social media developments appear to be immortal. Each 12 months, at an identical time, they may resurface once more and replenish our feeds.

The development of Teresa Fidalgo and Slenderman are some widespread examples.

If you could have been utilizing social media for an extended time, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ve got by no means heard of the notorious Teresa Fidalgo and what’s going to occur for those who don’t share her story with your folks.

Well, it’s 2021, and Teresa Fidalgo appears to nonetheless be a well-liked matter on social media.

So, who’s Teresa, is she an actual particular person? Let’s take a look at the reality behind this chilling story.  

Similar to previous scary folks tales, the story of Teresa spreads quick throughout totally different social media platforms by way of copy-paste.

In abstract, there’s a “chain mail” that’s cursed by the ghost of Teresa Fidalgo, and for those who don’t ahead the message to a minimum of 20 of your folks, she is going to hang-out you and sleep with you eternally.

Although this may occasionally appear to be an ideal resolution for all the only guys on the market on social media, the story actually is disturbing. 

“One girl ignored my message; her mom died 30 days later. You can search for my name on Google and find out what happened to me.” 

This message gained probably the most reputation someplace in 2010, however even a decade later, this “threat” appears to be extra widespread than ever. 

The reporters at The Independent carried out thorough analysis on the Teresa Fidalgo story, and here’s what they came upon.

The story of Teresa is predicated on a viral video posted on Youtube by the identify of, “A Curva”, produced by David Rebordão.

In the video, we are able to see a gaggle of associates on a hitchhiking journey the place they appear to identify somebody mysterious standing within the woods.

The mysterious particular person seems to be Teresa Fidalgo, and he or she factors to a spot within the woods the place she was supposedly “murdered”.

The automotive of the group then crashes just a few moments later. 

The motive the story bought a lot warmth was as a result of there gave the impression to be plenty of similarities to a real-life incident that concerned a woman dying on a Portuguese street just a few many years in the past. 

However, don’t get too scared. The story truly isn’t true and it isn’t primarily based on any actual occasions.

Rebordão himself admitted to creating the entire story up out of curiosity, and that he was additionally shocked to see the development explode because it did.

The video on Youtube at the moment has an astonishing 17M views. 

If you had been questioning what Rebordão is doing these days, nearly a decade after releasing his widespread video, right here is the reply.

Although the director was shocked to see how a lot reputation his video gained, he determined to make use of it as a strategy to acquire funding to create new fascinating quick scripted movies.

His newest mission is named “A series of tales – teaser” and you could find it on his official Youtube web page.