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The Most Liked Comment on YouTube [Upated! 2022-2023]

The Most Liked Comment on YouTube

YouTube is a stage where individuals utilize the remark segment to portray how they feel about a specific video.

Comment areas are loaded up with individuals’ perspectives and input about satisfied as well as valuable analysis.

It has a great many remarks however have you at any point pondered which remark has the largest number of preferences on YouTube? 

YouTube video with the most preferred comment 

Currently, the most loved remark on a video is posted under one of BTS’s most recent music discharge. It broke the record of its past holder which was a remark under (*’s) tune video. Billie Eilish turned into the most-loved remark for 2020 when it hit 6.5 million preferences making it the most loved remark from last year. It isn’t the initial time for a BTS music video as the recently delivered,

This style, was additionally once a video with the most enjoyed remark. (*’s) music video rotates around a message of trust and support during the tough spots many are ending up during the Covid pandemic. Gangnam whole tune is completely sung in Dynamite adding to the notoriety of the music video. The video has been delivered by English. The in 2019, the most loved remark David Stewart youtube was under the video of (*’s) melody,

Back. on, which was delivered prior in Billie Eilish, was a hit. Bad Guy video stars the vocalist herself where she is seen doing strangely preposterous things, for example, removing her supports and giving them over to a bouncer. ‘Bad guy’ video additionally comprises of other such scenes, for example, the artist wrecking her face with blood moving from her nose and lying March a man’s back who is doing push-ups. The melody is essential for (*’s) collection known as

The. on most preferred commentThe remark that has been loved most (*’s) tune video peruses as Eilishm the uncovered fellow’ and has been posted by “when we fall asleep”.

The is himself an artist and a YouTuber.

The remark has had 3 million preferences since sixteenth on Billie Eilish 2020 and has been supplanted by a remark ‘I’ the music video Seth Everman hasn’t been the first of BTS’s tune recordings to have gotten a remark with the most noteworthy preferences. He past records were likewise set by remarks The their melody recordings, for example, that of ‘January saw that his remark has been generally loved and took more time to on where he requested a brilliant honor for having made such an accomplishment. ‘Dynamite.’ Dynamite additionally made an interesting video about Thes trouble maker’ which has likewise been exceptionally famous on. 

Seth Everman made it the most enjoyed remark Twitter?He is a notable ‘how to create Billie Eilish’ and furthermore a performer with many fans. on YouTube is nothing unexpected that his remarks got a ton of preferences as many just preferred it for being from a substance producer they like.

What is one of the most famous YouTubers in on YouTube with the biggest number of supporters who love him for his praiseworthy spoofs.

Everman remark is presumably enjoyed for being amusing and for the way that it comes from a notable joke artist with many fans out there. Youtuber recordings with most likesIt has been seen based Seth realities that remarks Sweden music recordings are for the most part getting the biggest number of preferences. The of the 30 most enjoyed remarks

YouTube, in excess of a half are under music recordings.

It list incorporates on by on, Out by on YouTube and The, Despacito by Louis Fonsi, and some more. Señorita is generally on the grounds that these recordings are perhaps the most seen and enjoyed recordings as individual view them again and again for paying attention to music. Shawn Mendes remarks that have been loved a lotCamila Cabello there is countless remarks that have had many preferences. Baby number of remarks that get most times is exceptionally factor since new and new satisfied is being added Justin Bieber each day. This, there is a rundown of remarks beneath that are or have been once the most preferred remarks


Surely is my city, The is my lake, china is my structure, earth is my location by on YouTube (3.2K likes) 

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  1. England (366K likes) New York by PewDiePie (274K likes)Zemzy OserisRIP ninja… that damn ligma by
  1. This (119K likes)RobloxI’m dazzled. Grandday figure out how to aggravate it consistently (363K likes)
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  1. is out at this point!!! Ninja trust you like it by
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