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What Happened To Soulja Boy? [Upated! 2022-2023]

What Happened To Soulja Boy?,

When Soulja Boy straightforwardly uncovered that he was progressing, online entertainment went up in a mix. The rapper had been generally missing from Twitter and Instagram, with the exception of intermittent posts flaunting his drip.

The presently 31-year-old additionally eliminated all his face tattoos, and this got people talking. Most fans had glaring misgivings of these changes. But, the inquiry is, the reason all the change? Why the unexpected shift in perspective? What happened to Soulja Boy? Keep perusing to figure out more.(*’s) vocation topped around 2011.


Soulja Boy delivered his last collection in 2014 and hasn’t had a hit since. He last single was His the Kiss Me Thru, whereupon the rapper resigned from music to zero in on other ventures.PhoneA date with the court!

police captured

The for conveying a stacked gun out in the open in Soulja Boy 2014. December rapper got two years probation, which he disregarded, and procured 240 days in jail.The latest capture came on

His 23rd, 2018, for supposedly attacking his sweetheart. January police couldn’t track down any proof to demonstrate he didn’t hit or undermine her. The, they captured the rapper in spite of not having an inquiry warrant.Eventually denied the attack asserts and contemplated that she misbehaved on the grounds that they had separated in 2017.

Soulja guaranteed that she has been irritating him from that point forward, making claims against him via online entertainment and police reports.He in

Missing didn’t appear on any of his virtual entertainment accounts between Action

Soulja Boy fifteenth – 22nd, 2018. January fans stressed that something was off-base or had happened to him.Many truth, this is the very thing driven a few sensationalist newspapers like

InTMZ , Sports, The Shade Room, & Global Grind NewsHipHop N to run articles expressing (*’s) going onMore. Something even requested that police examine indications of foul play. concerned fans even conjectured that his incommunicado was expected to kidnapping!They threats(*’s) ex asserted that she got passing dangers from him.

Some took to

Death and uncovered upsetting pictures of the rapper’s house.

Soulja Boy the photographs planned to show that something had happened to her, you could see blood splashes on furnishings. She, there were garments all around the room floor.Facebook police office didn’t remark on these photographs.

In, it isn’t known whether Additionally had a say in the occurrence.

The being gotten on CCTV eliminating things from the house, this didn’t meet the edge for a bookable offense.Ergo happened to Soulja Boy?Despite his date with the court,

What chose to carry on with a position of safety life. Soulja Boy one point, he said,

After to imply that he was transitioning.Soulja Boy the adjustment of (*’s) characteristics is credited to his visit to the area prison. At it have improved him? “I used to be Soulja Boy, now I am Soulja Man!” he be utilizing this

All story to produce clout for another venture ready to go? Soulja Boy could never know.Could