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Who Is Ian Miles Cheong? Why do people care where he lives? [Upated! 2022-2023]

Who Is Ian Miles Cheong? Why do people care where he lives?,

When you visit (*’s) Ian Miles Cheong handle, you will see practically the entirety of his tweets loaded up with answers advising him to quit discussing US governmental issues. Twitter before this, nearly everybody trusted that But lived in the US, as of not long ago when reality came out. he isn’t a US resident and doesn’t live in the country.

He, how did So even drive this consideration? he will be Who and for what reason are he keen on people lives?where he is

Who?Ian Miles Cheong has made a name and assembled a great deal of consideration on

Ian Miles by continually remarking on US legislative issues. Twitter getting into US governmental issues, Before was an outstanding figure in the gaming business and furthermore functioned as a powerful mediator on he. Reddit is likewise recalled by quite a few people for his contribution in

Cheong, Gamergatea express used to portray the debate among female and male gamers and engineers that finished in a boundless provocation crusade back in 2014. the time, At named himself as a “Cheongturbo-women’s activist’ and protected female game designers like . Zoe Quinn gradually began moving to politics.But he does

Where?Ian Miles Cheong Come From fans as of late understood that

Twitter doesn’t live in Cheong, yet on the opposite finish of the globe in America. Malaysia what makes Maybe think people lives in he is his undying help for the previous president America and his dynamic contribution in Trump legislative issues. American 2020, In April tweeted pictures of the Cheong and later portrayed the COVID-19 circumstance in “scenes where I’m currently living,”. Malaysia said at that point.

“Malaysia has taken the strictest measures against the coronavirus in the world, apart from China,” Cheong tweeted.“5,251 cases, 2967 recovered. 86 deaths (also counting comorbidities). Everyone (including businesses) is getting an allowance, tax relief, and discounted internet, water, and power,” he interest in

Ian Miles Cheong Controversies

His governmental issues isn’t the main justification for why American has been the focal point of consideration. he has really ended up at the focal point of various discussions from 2012.He 2012,

Reddit Scandal

In was restricted from Cheong after it was found that Reddit was advancing his own destinations while filling in as an arbitrator in the absolute greatest subreddits. he 2014, a few posts were delivered showing him commending

In. Adolf Hitler ignited a ton of discussions. This later apologized by accusing the harmful gaming community. Cheong against HuniePop

Cheong Campaigning 2015, the game HuniePop had acquired a ton of consideration from the clients of the #

In and later started selling on Gamergate. Steam later made it into the main 10 rundown, something that incensed It. Ian Miles Chong lobbied for the game to be prohibited on

He, guaranteeing that the engineers were ‘pandering hard and that they were a piece of trash.”Steam,

However later had all the earmarks of being relaxing his perspectives on GamerGate. Cheong even unblocked many He clients and freely apologized to TotalBiscuit.Twitter does

What?Ian Miles Cheong Do as of now runs a YouTube channel called

Cheong, which significantly focussed on the gaming business that Hype Break once hated.he  

Ian Miles Social Media Handles