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Why Is Troy Afraid of LeVar Burton? [Upated! 2022-2023]

Why Is Troy Afraid of LeVar Burton?,

In the well known American sitcom Community, Troy Barnes is embarrassed when he meets LeVar Burton. He freezes when Levar Burton strolls in across the medical clinic lounge area and makes proper acquaintance with him. He stays confused, incapable to sheer a word. The just thing he does is gaze at Burton. He is obviously frightened out of his brains. But for what reason would he say he is so terrified of LeVar? Read on to find out. 

Who is Troy? 

The job of Troy Barnes in the sitcom is played by Donald Glover, prevalently known as Childish Gambino. He is a well known kid, an alumni of Greendale junior college and Riverside secondary school. While At Greendale, he joined a review bunch and turned out to be dear companions with Abed Nassir and Britta Perry. After moving on from College, Troy went on a cruising trip all over the planet with the youth symbol. Kevlar Burton.While on their excursion, news came in that they were abducted by pirates. 

Who is LeVar Burton?

LeVar first shows up in Season two of Community. Pierce employs him as a trick to occupy individuals of his review group. 

He is well known for his job in Roots as a slave and Kunta Kinte. LeVar likewise showed up in Star Trek the Next Generation. He is depicted as himself in the TV series. 

How did Troy and LeVar Burton Meet

Troy and LeVar initially meet in the moderate Film making Scene in Season Two of the Tv series. Pierce was hospitalized in the wake of taking an excess of doctor prescribed drugs that he was taking for his physical issue. After his recuperation, he chose to expand his visit in the medical clinic under the affectation that he was still sick. During this time, he was plotting vengeance on the gathering individuals for disregarding him and barring him from the gathering activities. 

He imagined that he was passing on, and he needed to give every one of the gathering individuals a memento. He is very much aware that Troy respected LarVae, and he would have a fascinating response assuming he met him. His bombastic keepsake to Troy was meeting his idol. 

LeVar strolls into the clinic lounge area and strolls straight up to Troy, who is right away Starstruck. He is hesitant to the point that he goes totally mute. 

Why Is Troy Afraid of Levar Burton?

Troy is apprehensive of LeVar Burton in light of the fact that he is his Childhood Hero, and he is apprehensive of frustrating him. In one more clasp in the series, Troy says that he never needed to meet Burton. He just needed a marked representation of him since you can’t frustrate a picture. 


Troy and Burton both show up in the American sitcom, Community. The show circulated on NBC and Yahoo screen for six seasons. (*’s) character is played by

Troy, while Donald Glover is included as himself. Burton respects Troy as his youth legend. Burton is apprehensive He meeting him since he fears that he will frustrate him. of at last meets When Troy, his response is amazing. Burton is flabbergasted to the point that he can’t do something besides stare. He